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Metro Staffing Candidates

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. We would love to meet with you! Please contact our recruitment specialist at 202-460-6815 today to register. 

Do I have to go into an office or can I register online?
Metro Staffing likes to meet with each candidate in person to start the process for registering to work with our agency. Please contact us via phone or email to see when we will be holding our next open recruitment session. 

What documents do I need to provide in order to work for Metro Staffing?
You must provide a government issued picture id as well as either a social security card or birth certificate. We will also need to see proof of your completion of a secondary education, which can be in the form of a diploma or transcripts. 

Are drug screenings mandatory?
Yes, Metro Staffing does conduct drug screenings as allowed by law.

Must I accept every assignment offered to me?
Metro Staffing carefully matches open positions to your unique credentials and availability for work. If you are eve offered an assignment you do not want to accept you are welcome to decline the position. 

How long is each assignment?
The length of the assignments vary based on our client's needs.

How am I paid and how often will I be paid?
Your pay rate and pay cycle will vary based on the assignments you accept. Most centers pay on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Their pay rates start at minimum wage and go up. Most centers will mail the physical check to the address you provide or will have you return to the centers to pick the check up. 

Below are some useful documents for candidates who work with Metro Staffing.  

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